Hey Ms. Writer,

My name is Eddie and I found your newsletter through this essay (on twitter). I’m an Elder Zoomer and have been thinking a lot about the internet’s role in my perception of Self.

There’s a lot of economic opportunity on the 6-15 platforms that own the lion’s share of our digital attention, and my current life goal is to find some sense of foundational economic security. The approach I’ve taken to establish that is to develop as many relationships as possible so that people are literally too emotionally invested in my success to allow me to fail. Is that sociopathic?

Finally, I wanna thank you for writing! It’s wonderful to see reflections on internet life from the perspective of someone who grew up on it like me. (#Runescape4life)

Hope you have a wonderful week. I’m subscribed!

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david graeber is one of my favorite scholars of the last few decades. a tragedy that he died before his time. debt really explained a lot of concepts that have been propagating in popular culture, like 'mutual aid.' i like to combine it with the works of michael hudson, my favorite living economist, who covers the economic/mathematical side of debt discourse. my biggest takeaway has been that trade between peers (two neighbors) is not the same as trade between firms (business to businesss or state to state) and should not be done in the same currency. graeber's discussion of how coinage was created to be used between people who distrust each other, like armies and citizens, especially fascinates me.

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